Benwood was a project within the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) on research of the European Union promoting the exchange of experience among researchers and project developers in the area of Short Rotation Forestry (SRF). The project touched also the closely related field of Agroforestry. Focus was on developing countries and on SRF projects in the framework of the Kyoto protocol (CDM and JI).
The project has contributed to giving short rotation forestry a push in many countries within the European union and in selected developing countries including Brazil, China and India. Main activities consisted of collecting existing knowledge in several dedicated documents as well as holding public events for the target groups.


A professionally layouted brochure which sums up the results and includes a DVD with related film clips, pictures, pdfs.
Guidelines for farmers, project developers, investors and "intermediaries" including a list with the most important practical things that need to be done and avoided (dos and don'ts)
Land use management standards: A description of the conflict between growing trees on agricultural fields and food production with a focus on African case studies
CDM specifics: Outlines the characteristics of countries which may host the so called "CDM projects" with regard to short rotation forestry (traditionally these countries are developing countries)
Profitability analysis: A synopsis of differences between developing and industrialized countries together with case studies on different business models. Sheds light also on the economic importance of annual crops in agroforestry systems.
A document on short rotation forestry and CO2 reduction via CDM projects.
a report on cooking stoves (relevance of the efficiency of small cooking stoves based on wood fuel.)
a report on charcoal production
a survey on short rotation forestry among key stakeholders
a paper on the characteristics of poplar with a focus on "utilisation"

Large public events

Beijing (China), May 2010. Majour topic: Difficulties in the current framework of rules and standards to establish an project.
Barolo, Northern Italy (near Torino), June 2011: Three day workshop including a one day field trip on the laboratories and fields of Projektpartner New Clones. Conference topic: Short rotation forestry and Agroforestry: an exchange of experience between CDM countries and Europe.
A virtual public workshop on CDM issues in Short Rotation Forestry in November 2010: A live internet based workshop held with participants worldwide via internet. Participation e. g. of staff of the World Bank. Special guest was Dr. Galinski from the UNFCCC and Dr. Kulkarni, an Indian CDM project developer.
An event in Budapest hosted in the FAO office. Topic: How to participate in modern information networks on agriculture and renewable energy. Participation in particular by Indian and Chinese guests.
Large events in Ludhiana, Punjab/Northern India:
  1. An awareness camp in 2010
  2. A IUFRO Post-Symposium Training Workshop in February 2011, on "Working Effectively at the Interface of Forest Science and Forest Policy"