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Follow up of the held event  - slides and literature for download: link

IUFRO Ludhiana 2011: Reports for the symposium and the post-symposium training available for download here.

IUFRO Seoul 2010:Session CO5 - presentations from this session available for download  here.
Benwood webinar: "CDM A fforestation and Reforestation projects: Understanding current barriers and finding solutions via simplifications" - presentations and webinar recording available for download here.

Benwood Workshop in Beijing

From 26th to 28th April 2010, an „International workshop on Short Rotation Forestry Potential in Energy Utilization and Carbon Trade“ was held at Xijiao Hotel in Beijing.  It was hosted by the Beijing Forestry University, one of the Benwood project partners with the support of Beijing Forestry Carbon Administration and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Forestry.  The workshop provided an opportunity for a fruitful exchange between scientists, project developers and investors from the main affected target countries: China, India, Brazil and Africa as a continent. 


What is Benwood about?

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 The Benwood is a research project within the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union promoting the exchange of experience among researchers and project developers in the area of Short Rotation Forestry (SRF).

The project touches also the closely related field of Agroforestry.

Focus is on developing countries and on SRF projects in the framework of the Kyoto protocol (CDM and JI).


The project by work packages

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Assessment of the state of the art of SRF as a biofuel source in JI and CDM countries(wp1) with a focus on CDM countries (wp2).
Linking the project to current European and non-European R&D-activities in the area(wp3).

Building an International Stakeholder Panel within the area of SRF.
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Main outputs

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1. SRF guidelines and standards for land use management (wp4) for farmers, policy makers and European CDM/JI project developers as well as stakeholders from the energy and biomass sector (electric utilities, pulp & paper, fibreboard etc.)

2. SRF R&D agenda (wp5) for researchers and developers from industry (boiler, oven, chipper, press producers etc.) wp1