World Bioenergy 2012

Conference & Exhibition on Biomass for Energy Jönköping, Sweden 29 - 31May 2012 More info

IUFRO International conference 2011

Research Priorities in Tropical Silviculture: Towards New Paradigms? Montpellier, France 15 - 18 November 2011 More info

Sustainable Energy Finance and Investment Summit

Cavtat - Dubrobnik, 19 - 22 October 2011 More info

Holz ist Zukunft

Witzenhausen, Germany, 01 - 02 October 2011 More info

ProLoc-FastWood Symposium

"Züchtung und Ertragsleistung schnellwachsender Baumarten im Kurzumtrieb – Erkenntnisse aus drei Jahren FastWood und ProLoc" Hannoversch Münden, Germany 21 - 22 September 2011

International Nordic Bioenergy Conference

Jyväskylä, Finland 5 - 9 September 2011 More info

International Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion of Solid Waste and Energy Crops

Vienna, Austria 28 August - 1 September 2011 More info

AEBIOM European Bioenergy Conference 2011

Brussels, Belgium 29 - 30 June 2011More info

19th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

ICC Berlin - International Congress Center Berlin, Germany 6 - 10 June 2011 More info

IBC Leipzig – International Biomass Conference

Leipzig, Germany 24 - 25 May 2011 More info

Where CDM sellers and buyers meet to do business

Sao Paulo, Brazil 5 - 6 April 2011 More info

United Group On Global Warming Conference & Expo 2011

(UGGW Conference & Expo 2011) London, United Kingdom 25 - 30 March 2011 More info

Worldbiofuels markets

Rotterdam, The Netherlands 22 - 24 March 2011 More info

World Sustainable Energy Days 2011

International Pellet Business Forum Wels, Austria 2 - 3 March 2011 More info

Fachtagung zum Nutzungsspektrum nachwachsender Rohstoffe

Symposium on the spectrum usage of renewable resources Official program will be in German. Kassel, Germany 28 February - 1 March 2011 More info

Symposium on: Short Rotation Forestry

Synergies for Wood Production and Environmental Amelioration Ludhiana, India 10 - 12 February 2011 More info

International Conference on Preparing Agriculture for Climate Change

Ludhiana, India 6 - 8 February 2011 More info

Central European Biomass Conference 2011

Graz, Austria 26 - 29 January 2011 More info

Forest year 2011 kicks off with regional workshop on forests and climate change

Kathmandu, Nepal, 26 January 2011 More info

Carbon Markets& Climate Finance Africa:

Understand the future of Africa's carbon markets. Johannesburg, South Africa 25-26 January 2011 More info

7th Austrian JI/CDM Workshop

Vienna, Austria 20 -21 January 2011 More info 2008-2010 : The economic of climate change:"' Impact and implications of the global economic crisis on sustainable development" 6th – 10th December 2010 in Accra-Ghana 13th-17th December 2010 New York, USA More info Fifth International Poplar Symposium (IPS V) "Poplar and willows: from research models to multipurpose trees for a biobased society" Orvieto, Italy 20 - 25 September 2010 More info

XXIII IUFRO World Congress

"Forest for the Future: Sustaining Society and the Environment" Seoul, Republic of Korea 23 -28 August 2010 More info Benwood partner PAU (Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Chauhan, chairman) will co-ordinate the session C-05 Short rotation forestry for livelihood security, energy and carbon sequestration.

Third Global Warming Conference & Expo 2010

(WGGW Conference & Expo 10) London, UK 23 -27 July 2010 More info

18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference

"Restoring the Commonwealth's Forests: Tackling Climate Change" Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) 28 June - 2 July 2010 More info

AEBIOM European Bioenergy Conference & ENEXPO Bioenergy EUROPE

Brussels, Belgium 30 June – 1 July 2010 More info

Forest ecosystem genomics and adaptation

San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid), Spain 9-11 June 2010 More info

Benwood Workshop: "International workshop on Short Rotation Forestry Potential in Energy Utilization and Carbon Trade"

The aim of the workshop was to illustrate different factors that influence the development of CDM projects and thus, provide the project developers and investors with better understanding on how to (re)design their projects in order to succeed. The topics were presented under the themes of "Developing a successful CDM A/R project - the full project cycle" and "Benefit and risk analysis of A/R projects plus new project opportunities in China, India, Africa and Latin America".


Dr Harshkumar Kulkarni - "How to develop a CDM A/R project - A success Story"

(5MB) download Dr. Kulkarni shared his own experience on the challenges of developing and registering one of two forest-based CDM projects in India. Despite the biggest challenge yet to claim the forestry carbon credits, he talked about other benefits of the project. He presented the project management setting, current status and additional information.

Mr Rodrigo Ferreira- "Monitoring CO2 reduction and other parameters of an A/R project"

(1.9MB) download Mr. Ferreira gave insights into the monitoring process based on the case of a pioneer CDM project of the Plantar Group, Brazil where he works as a carbon project analyst. Plantar is about to become the first company in the Brazilian iron industry, to have its iron production 100% based on solid biofuels i.e. renewable charcoal.

Dr Chen Junqi - "Introduction of Carbon Sequestration in Beijing"

Dr Junqi explained how carbon sequestration in Beijing is tackled to achieve and maintain a "Livable City" or a "Low C City" through different types of projects within or outside the city e.g. Beijing Forestry Carbon Sequestration Improvement Project, Badaling Forest Farm, etc. All activities are developed in line with the current demand for climate change action plan with the aim to involve general public to contribute to the low carbon lifestyle. The project developers recognized the need for development of balanced rural-urban areas as the means of equal opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the development. The work is done mainly through public promotions and is sponsored by the Beijing Government. To offset CO2 emission from cars, they introduced a carbon car tag campaign. Each public official that uses a public car purchases a carbon car tag for 1000RMB. The money goes towards the public campaigns.

Mr Anders Brendstrup -"Needs of CDM A/R project developers"'

(1.2MB) download Mr. Brendstrup commented that the interest of investors and developers like CAMCO in forestry projects has been low due to the difficulties of registering forestry projects under the system and hence claiming the CERs. The lack of understanding in the early stages of the UNFCCC process within the forestry sector led to complicated methodologies and never-ending approval loops. In return, this resulted in a lack of knowledge and experience among buyers and investros in the carbon market regardless of other benefits of the forestry projects. He added: "For a start,who would want to invest in something that has 'temporary' in the title.".

Ao. Prof. Peter Liebhard - "Short Rotation Coppice - Interactionwith Ecosystems"

Prof. Liebhard presented detailed information on the curent techniques and practices that are used for short rotation coppice mainly in Europe in relation to the interactions with the ecosystem. He commented mber of benefits to extend the use of short rotation coppice.

Dr Jan Wieslaw Dubas - "Willows as an industrial crop"

Dr. Dubas explained why he considers willows as a leading energy plant with a great future potential in the biofuel industry. He introduced a new type of biofuel pellets that he developed and named "Cito Carbon (CC)". He demonstrated highly water resistent properties in comparison with common wooden pellets. The presentation also includes slides on planting and harvesting practices and various machinery used in Poland.

Dr Sanjeev K Chauhan - "Do CDM A/R projects raise the employment (case of India)"

Dr. Chauhan explained that CDM A/R projects play a very important role in the social and economical development of rural areas in India. They represent three main values i.e. help to tackle the poverty providing food and fuel for the local farmers, help to meet the national need of wood production and contribute to resolving climate change effects. In particular, he stated: "Every hectare of wood plantation creates approximately 450 person days of employment." Thus, the use of machinery is limited to the minimum to prevent loss of jobs.

Dr Virendra Pal Singh (presented by Dr Sanjeev K Chauhan) - "Benefits of Agroforestry"

The combination of forestry and agriculture allows a multi-functional use of land with a number of ecological, economical and social benefits and thus, provides an opportunity for more sustainable and healthy living of local farmers in developing countries like India. The presentation slides include an extended list of agroforestry benefits.

DI Erwin Rotheneder - "Wood fuel processingup-to-date results, stove technology, optimization and emission reduction"

Mr. Rotheneder talked about different technology system used to produced heat efficient pellets and briquets, heat efficient stoves and advanced charcoal production. Among high technology stoves, he presented information on production of a more efficient clay brick stove that was built specifically for a project in Zimbabwe.

New CDM project opportunities for investors and project developers in

  1. China -> Prof. Jianmin Chang
  2. India -> Dr. Virendra Pal Singh/Dr.Sanjeev K Chauhan
  3. Africa -> Prof. Fergus Sinclair
  4. Latin America -> Rodrigo Ferreira

Dr Ioannis Dimitriou - Phytoremediation - on which conditions may it enhance an A/R project?

The presentation included information on different types of phytoremediation that are used to clean poluted lands or " destroy or sequestre hazardous substances from the environement" (Glass, 1999). He showed examples of additional value of tree plantations used for phytoremediation.