IUFRO Ludhiana: "Short Rotation Forestry: Synergies for Wood Production and Environmental Amelioration" 10 - 12 February 2011 Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India

Considering significance and growing interest among researchers/development workers around the world on short rotation forestry and celebrate the International year of Forestry, the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, PAU in collaboration with the EU Benwood project organized a IUFRO symposium "Short rotation forestry: synergies for wood production and environmental amelioration" to bring together the scientists/managers/conservationists/NGOs, etc. for exchanging their experiences and their future endeavors on the subject. - Download full report (Dr. Snajeev Kumar Chauhan,Punjab Agricultural University and IUFRO coordinator 1.03.00)

Abstract booklet

All submitted abstracts for the symposium were published in a booklet. Download (1MB)


  1. Dogra A.S. (IFS (RETD)) - "Contribution of trees outside forests toward wood production and environmental amelioration" - download
  2. Laxmi Neupane - " An assessment of non-timber forest product and its contribution in CFGU livelihood." download
  3. Matela R. (WENA Kochanska-Dubas)- " A business model - for the SRF on the example of willow biomass (Salix Vinimalis var. Gigante Genus) cultivation and use" - download
  4. Chandra J.P. - "Development of poplar based agroforestry system". - download
  5. Dhiman R.C. - "Private sector in SRF: Opportunities and challenges" - download
  6. Singh A. - "Prospects and challenges of biomass uses in power generation" - download
  7. Rawat J.K. - "Products from short rotation forests: Commercial possibilities and limitations." - download
  8. Dadhawal K.S. (Central Soil & Water Conservation Research &Training Institute) - "Vegetational biodiversity as affected due to limestone mining and measures for eco-restoration of mine soil areas" - download
  9. Sreejesh K.K., Thomas T.P., Prasanth K.M. Kripa P.K. Seema Joseph M. Sutheesh V.K. (Kerala Forest Research Institute) - "Tree legume rotation in teak silviculture: Suitability of Acacia species." - download
  10. Kamal S., Thakur S., Dutt S., Sharma S. (University of Horticulture & Forestry) - "Reduction in pre-bearing period and development of new strains of some important medicinal trees" - download
  11. Pandy C.N. and Sujatha D. (IPIRTI) - "The role of short rotation forestry products in enhancing carbon mitigation in India." - download
  12. Singh H. (HNB Garhwal University) - " Forest composition, litter production and soil carbon stock in oak-pine forests along altitudinal gradients." - download
  13. Umesh Kanna S. (Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Mettupalayam) - " Augmenting pulpwood supply chain through contract tree farming." - download
  14. Umesh Kanna S. (Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Mettupalayam) - " Investigation on pulp and biomass production of Subabul genetic resources (Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit.)" - download
  15. Vennila S.- "Pulpwood characterization and screening of short rotation eucalyptus clones." - download
  16. Singh Beniwal R. (Deaprtment of Forestry, CCS HAU, Hisar) - "Genetic variability among the progenies of Pongamia pinnata (L.) pierre at nursery stage." - download
  17. Singh N.B. (University of Horticulture and Forestry Nauni, Solan) - "Four years performance of selected tree willow clones in Himachal Prades." - download
A.Singh, K.R.Dhiman, M.S.Kang,RK Mahey, D.Kajba, J.W.Dubas Sanjeev K Chauhan M.Kleine, R.Matela, J.W.Dubas, Promode Kant IUFRO participants Poster session

IUFRO-SPDC Post Symposium Training Workshop: "Working effectively at the interface of forest science and forest policy."

13 - 14 February 2011 Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India IUFRO - SPDC in collaboration with the Punjab Agricultural University and the EU Benwood project organized a two-day training workshop on "Working effectively at the interface of forest science and forest policy" at the Punjab Agricultural University campus in Ludhiana, India for the participants of the IUFRO Symposium on "Short rotation forestry :Synergy for wood production and environmental amelioration" held at the same venue from 10 - 12 February 201. The workshop content was based on the Guidance for Scientists and Research Organizations published by IUFRO Task Force on the Science-Policy Interface as IUFRO Occassional Paper 17. - Download full report (Michael Kleine,IUFRO-SPDC, Vienna Austria and Promode Kant, Institute of Green Economy, New Delhi India). Also available report by Dr. Sanjeev K Chauhan, Punjab Agricultural University and IUFRO Coordinator 1.03.00 - Download report M.Kleine, S.S.Gosal, Promode Kant

Press releases

Based on the participants feedback this event was rated outstanding. The highlights of the event was the diversity of participants, speakers and contents of the topics. This was highly presented in a number of local, national and international newspapers: The Washington Post (11Feb2011), The Times of India (11Feb2011),Hindustan Times (),Dainik Jagran (11Feb2011), Punjab Kesri (11Feb2011), Punjabi Tribune (12Feb2011), Ajit (11Feb2011), Punjab Kesari (12Feb2011), Dainik Tribune (11Feb2011), Ludhiana Tribune (11Feb2011), Danik Bhaskar (11Feb2011), Advisor magazine (March 2011). Business dinner