How to participate in modern information networks on agriculture and renewable energy.

Friday 17 June 2011 FAO regional office in Budapest, Hungary

The participants engaged in a fruitful exchange of information on the existent efficient networks and extension services in countries such as India, China and European countries. The highlight of the meeting was an official re-launch of the Sustainable Renewable Energy Network (SREN), one of the ESCORENA networks, that will be used as a platform to continue the exchange of information within the area of forestry, agroforestry and short rotation forestry after the end of the Benwood project.

The ESCORENA network was founded under the auspices of FAO in order to support a sustainable agricultural development and food security. The aim is to enable easy access and distribution of the information and to ensure that knowledge is effectively shared and used in Europe as well as worldwide.

The SREN network will be coordinated and managed by Mr T.Lewis, energieautark, Austria and Mr S.K. Chauhan, Punjab Agricultural University, India (picture above:second and third from the right).


  1. Formation of networks, contact systems between and researchers, national authorities and FAO, knowledge of policies that support formation of networks – Mr Michal Demes, FAO REU Information management Officer (not a slide presentation)
  2. Analyzing gaps in communication between farmers and researchers/authorities - Ms Nevena Alexandrova, FAO REU Research and Biotechnology Officer - download (1.6MB)
  3. Extensive support for successful adoption of farm technologies in India - Dr Rajni Sharma, Associate Professor, Punjab Agricultural University - download (7.5MB)
  4. Dissemination strategies – Dr Laszlo Gabor Papocsi - download (2.2MB)
  5. FAO forestry activities in the Europe and Central Asia – Dr Norbert Winkler, FAO SEU Forestry Officer - download (1.4MB)
  6. People's participation in water resource development and energy conservation and role of extension in transfer of technologies - Dr Subhash C. Sharma, Director and Chief Scientist, Punjab Agricultural University - download (13.5MB)
  7. Launching the SREN network - working group of short rotation forestry - DI Thomas Lewis
K.S.Verma,M.Demes and R.S. Chander Si Hui, Yanxue Han and T.Lewis Nevena Alexandrova and S.K.Chauhan

Pictures:networking in India and China

Farmers' information meetings (India) Farmers' information meetings (India) Scientists visit farmers (China)