From 26th to 28th April 2010, an "International workshop on Short Rotation Forestry Potential in Energy Utilization and Carbon Trade" was held at Xijiao Hotel in Beijing. It was hosted by the Beijing Forestry University, one of the Benwood project partners with the support of Beijing Forestry Carbon Administration and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Forestry. The workshop provided an opportunity for a fruitful exchange between scientists, project developers and investors from the main affected target countries: China, India, Brazil and Africa as a continent.

The workshop was officially opened by the Vice-president of Beijing Forestry University (BFU) Mr Song Weiming, CPC secretary of BFU Mr Wu Bin, Vice-Chairman of Youth Federation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China Mr Hu-Yu and the coordinator of the Benwood project, Mr Thomas Lewis director of energieautark consulting.

The guest speakers included Ms Nuyun Li - the Deputy Director of Afforestation of the State Forestry Administration of China, Dr Harshkumar Kulkarni - A/R project developer and General Manager for Plantations of ITC in India, Mr Anders Brendstrup – Managing Director for CAMCO Carbon Credits Asia.

Several aspects of a successful afforestation/reforestation project were addressed:
The plant (phytological) aspect, the aspect of food security under the title of "agroforestry", methodological challenges regarding the CDM framework, down to earth project development experience (e.g. communication with illiterate smallholders), the conditioning and the usage of the biomass (small cooking stoves, charcoal production) and the need for a broader definition of the notion of "business model".

The program also included a field trip that provided an opportunity to view combined pratices of short rotation forestry and production of mushrooms that are grown to supply the local market. Participants were able to exchange their knowledge, experiences and contact details for further cooperation as well as enjoy a very welcoming and hospitable environment of the local people.

The conclusion was that it is worth to keep an attentive eye from the point of view of international investors on such projects within or without the CDM scheme. There is a need for better understanding of the complexity of agricultural/forestry CO2 reducing projects. Current UNFCCC-methodologies are a good outset for further steps in this direction. However, as Ms Nuyun Li pointed out China needs more aspects to be covered by A/R projects than just carbon sequestration. Such aspects have foremost impacts on the environment such as on biodiversity and society. Mr Hyung-Kwang Kim, Senior Forestry Officer for FAO of the UN who also participated at the workshop said that based on this experience, he wishes to contribute to the development of more efficient mechanisms for A/R projects.


  1. Ms Nuyun Li - "China's view on Afforestation/Reforestation projects"
  2. Dr Harshkumar Kulkarni - "How to develop a CDM A/R project - A success Story" as well as download (5MB) CDM in India (Article from Harshkumar Kulkarni)
  3. Mr Rodrigo Ferreira- "Monitoring CO2 reduction and other parameters of an A/R project" download (1.9MB)
  4. Dr Chen Junqi - "Brief Introduction of Carbon Sequestration in Beijing"
  5. Mr Anders Brendstrup -"Needs of CDM A/R project developers" download (1.2MB)
  6. Ao. Prof. Peter Liebhard - "Short Rotation Coppice - Interactionwith Ecosystems" download (9.8MB)
  7. Dr Jan Wieslaw Dubas Willows as an Industrial Crop as well as Potential Biomass Conversion into Heat and Electricity as well as Willow as a boiler fuel
  8. Dr Virendra Pal Singh/Dr Sanjeev K Chauhan - "Do CDM A/R projects raise the employment (case of India)" (7.8MB) download
  9. Dr Virendra Pal Singh/Dr Sanjeev K Chauhan - "Benefits of Agroforestry" (8.1MB - Part1) download; (11.4MB - Part2) download; (12.7MB - Part3) download
  10. DI Thomas Lewis - "The Benwood Business Model" download (1.5MB)
  11. DI Erwin Rotheneder - "Wood fuel processingup-to-date results, stove technology, optimization and emission reduction" download (6.7MB)

New CDM project opportunities for investors and project developers in

  1. China - Prof. Jianmin Chang(presented by Yanxue Han) download (2.6MB)
  2. India - Dr. Virendra Pal Singh/Dr.Sanjeev K Chauhan download (1.1MB)
  3. Africa - Prof. Fergus Sinclair (6.5) download (Policy Brief:"Reducing Emissions from All Land Uses: The case for a whole landscape approach" download)
  4. Latin America - Rodrigo Ferreira download (1.4MB)
  5. Dr Ioannis Dimitriou - "Phytoremediation - on which conditions may it enhance an A/R project?" download (7.5MB)